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8 Layered Looks To Get Through The Sweaty-Yet-Cold Transition Between Winter And Spring

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The mornings might be getting lighter and the temperature is inching towards double digits, but we are old hands at this game. 

As soon as you utter the words ‘spring coat’, the weather will plummet again leaving us to alternately freeze outdoors and melt on public transport all at the same time. 

For now, take inspiration from these 8 layered looks, to see you through to spring.

  • OtherStories
    Jumper, £45, &OtherStories
  • ASOS
    Hoody, £25, ASOS
  • Topshop
    Rollneck, £22, Topshop
  • Topshop
    Coat, £40, Topshop
  • COS
    Dress, £69, COS
  • Topshop
    £26, Dress, Topshop
  • COS
    Vest, £35, COS
  • OtherStories
    Cardigan, £69, &OtherStories
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