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Colourblind Dad-To-Be Found Out Gender Of His Unborn Baby Thanks To Pair Of Enchroma Glasses

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The touching moment a colourblind dad-to-be found out the gender of his baby thanks to a pair of glasses was caught on camera.

The man known as Pedro, from Portugal, was filmed as he was handed a pair of EnChroma glasses, which enhance colour perception. 

His wife, Ana Paula, then handed him a series of cards with messages on that were written in colour to see if he could read them. 


The last flashcard Pedro read was the most important one. 

It read: “Last one daddy, what’s on mummy’s T-shirt?”


Pedro looked over to his wife to see her shirt that read: “It’s a girl” in pink and green lettering. 

“I’m not going to start crying,” the dad-to-be said to the camera as he scooped his wife up in his arms.


”At least he managed to read the shirt,” Paula said through tears.

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