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General Election 2017: Parents Take Kids And Babies To Polling Stations To Show Them That Voting Matters

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Parents have been multitasking while exercising their right to vote today (8 June), by bringing their babies or kids along for the ride, too.

And seeing as they’ve no doubt been up since the crack of dawn with the kids, mums and dads have been heading to polling stations bright and early. 

Many have been sharing photos of their little ones on Instagram with the hashtag #babiesatpollingstations to provide an example of how they’re getting their kids politically engaged from a very young age.

Mum Laura (photographed below) wrote on Instagram: “For me it’s an important thing to do, to teach [my son] that his vote matters in the future and my vote matters in shaping his future.

“I’m not the type of person to tell you how to vote, but I want a future that is bright for my child.” 

Parents are allowed to bring their kids to polling stations (although a child is not allowed to write the X in the box for the adult), so what better way to show politics is an issue that can affect the whole family?

We’ve rounded up photos of babies, toddlers and children at polling stations for the general election 2017 – some who are happier to be there than others. 

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