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John Legend’s Perfect Description Of His Love For One-Year-Old Daughter Luna Will Make You Weep

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John Legend has made us all weep with his description of love for his one-year-old daughter, Luna.

The singer, who welcomed his first child with his wife Chrissy Teigen in April 2016, gushed about his little one to Stephen Colbert on ‘The Late Show’.

“It’s a different kind of love. It’s very pure, it’s unconditional, but they haven’t earned it yet,” he said on Wednesday 26 April.

“They didn’t do anything, they just exist and you love them completely, but it’s not built on anything other than their existence.” 

Legend continued: “It’s a very powerful feeling to see the product of your love right there in front of you.”

He also said having Luna has increased the bond between him and Teigen, adding: “It’s beautiful, it’s very emotional and it brings you and your wife closer together.” 

So. Damn. Cute.

The dad has previously opened up about how he wasn’t “emotionally prepared” when Teigen was suffering from postnatal depression.

Speaking to The Sun for his Bizarre guest edit in April 2017, Legend said: “You’re not emotionally prepared for someone that’s going through a dark time as you’re welcoming this new life.

“When you don’t understand what’s happening, it’s a bit challenging to figure it out and you don’t know if it’s something you’ve done or some other ­reason why she’s not feeling well.” 

However, Legend said once he started to understand what Teigen was going through and why, he was able to adjust to help her.

“It’s a chemical thing that happens to a lot of people after giving birth and there are ways to treat it and deal with it,” he added. 

“So many people go through this – I think it was good for her to talk about it.”

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