Six Utterly Insane ‘Pro Gaming’ Accessories

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Gaming is big business. Launches like Call of Duty are now outperforming the biggest blockbusters that Hollywood can come up with. Million-dollar prizes for pro gamers are not uncommon. And the amount any individual can spend on the hobby has gone up too.

Turns out you can spend an absolute fortune on gaming mice, keyboards and headphones, and more besides, all in an effort to be better at killing, racing or clicking on stuff than the rest of the world.

To celebrate the utter extremes of this niche world we’ve found the best of each segment: the best keyboard, the best mouse, the best headphones and of course the best gaming monitor.

We’ve also thrown a little something in at the end there because well, it exists.

So here it is, our six most insane pieces of gaming gadgetry:

  • 1
    Mad Catz Strike 7
    The Mad Catz Strike 7 is proof that adding screens to things will always make them better. This top-of-the-range gaming keyboard has a modular numerical keyboard on the right and a ‘V.E.N.O.M. TFT-LCD Touchscreen’ that’ll show custom shortcuts and allow you to edit the keyboard as you go. Naturally the keys are astronomically over engineered so each key is laser etched and lacquered. Oh and it glows in the dark.

    Price: £249.99
  • 2
    SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Mouse
    Mice, they’re essential to PC gaming and can arguably mark the difference between a winner and a loser. That’s why if you have the time and the inclination, you can buy mice that are weighted, wireless or both. The Sensei Wireless mouse forgoes the gimmicks for utter performance. This ambidextrous gaming mouse is classed as ‘tournament grade’ with instantaneous response times and a high-powered wireless receiver that eliminates lag. It’s comfortable, light and would make mincemeat of a powerpoint presentation. No one said winning came cheap.

    Price: £149.99
  • 3
    Turtle Beach Elite 800
    Gaming has a problem: the more things you buy, the more wires you accrue. This problem, however, is also easily solved. By money. As you saw with the Sensei Wireless, technology has now reached the point where wireless kit can perform just as well as wired, and in the case of the Turtle Beach Elite 800s, it’ll outperform as well. This mighty wireless headset is the flagship of Turtle Beach’s headsets and combines 7.1 surround sound with the ability to highlight individual types of sound, perfect for stealth games or fast-paced action.

    Price: £249
  • 4
    Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia
    While you’re splashing out it might be worth taking a look at this: the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia edition. It’s an Xbox One racing wheel that might as well have been taken straight from a racing car. In this case it actually has been, a Ferrari 458 to be exact, right down to the authentic Ferrari pedals. For the privalege of owning the wheel though you’ll have to pay a premium, just be thankful you don’t need to buy the car as well.

    Price: £349.99
  • 5
    Asus PG278Q ROG
    In gaming, the screen you’re playing on is as important as the console or the controller. If it can’t keep up with the action then you’re out of the game. Asus then have created the king of gaming monitors. With a frankly superhuman response time of 1ms and a 144Hz refresh rate this 27-inch gaming display is the best you can buy, and probably among the most expensive.

    Price: £689
  • 6
    MWELAB Emperor 1510 Gaming Chair
    Now if all of the others don’t take your fancy then how about this? It’s the Emperor 1510 and it’s a gaming chair/workstation/world domination throne. With three displays, an electronically customisable seat, integrated keyboard, mouse, drinks holder you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason to ever leave it. In fairness if you’d just spent that much on a chair, why would you?

    Price: £4699.99
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